My Weight Story

For decades, I was able to keep my weight down. I was a trained professional dancer, marathon runner and an every day gym goer.  At the age of 12, I was working out every evening with my dad to Bodies in Motion with Gilad Janklowicz. 

Health and fitness has been a part of me for decades! Maintaining my body WAS my lifestyle, it was what made me ME.

Then I something happened. 

I gained 50 pounds.

At 40+ years old, I was not the picture of that “hot” 40-something woman that I always thought I’d be, but rather a picture of the typical “fat” mother I was always told I would be.


My Weight Story
My Weight Story

The Weight Gain

My mother always told me that my DNA would catch up with me. That I, like all the other Italian women in our family, was destined to be fat. It was practically inescapable. And, for a few years there, I thought she was right. 

I was always the “skinny” one in my family. Maybe, the one who beat that dreaded DNA? But then I turned 40, and then life got INSANE, I got depressed, anxious,  and I started gaining weight. 

When things finally settled, when I finally settled, I took stock, stepped on the scale, and there is was. 

50 extra pounds.

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The Weight Loss

As many of us who gain weight do, I went on a very desperate search to lose my weight. While I thought that my “tried and true” weight loss strategies would work, strategies that I used to lose my baby weight with both babies, sadly, they did not.

My tried and true no longer worked. Something in my 40 year old self was different. It took a while, but I finally found a solution, lost 30 pounds, and am starting to feel like I thought my 40 something year old self knew she would feel like.

Yup, I still have 20 pounds to go, but I’m well on my way.  

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My Weight Loss Story

My Weight Loss Story

Does anyone remember Bodies In Motion with Gilad Janklowicz? I do. My dad and I would record his workouts on the VHS and workout together everyday after I got home from school. I keenly remember my rebellion

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Helping you lose weight, too!

Losing weight is hard. Losing weight as a woman is your 40s is hard.  So, when all of my “usual” weight loss methods didn’t work, I was shook. Tracking, prepping, counting. That’s how it’s done, right? That’s how you lose weight? 

But, when that didn’t work. When the only way I knew HOW to lose weight didn’t work, I panicked. Am I really destined to be fat?

Thank goodness the answer to that question was NO! 

If you read my weight loss stories then you know I used Intermittent Fasting (IF) to lose my weight. And trust me, I was just as skeptical about IF as you might be, but when I realized that I needed to take a different approach to my weight loss, as a 40 year old women, I thought I’d give it a shot.

30 pounds lighter, I still feel great and have kept the weight off. 

Interested in Intermittent Fasting, read my posts below. Want to know more about how to start intermittent fasting? Sign up for my FREE 3 day intermittent fasting short course. It’s a free self paced email course that you can read at your leisure!

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Intermittent Fasting Schedules Defined.

Intermittent Fasting Schedules Defined.

I like to think of intermittent fasting as giving your body the time to do the things that it needs to do. Things that it can’t do if you are constantly consuming food (even in small doses) all day long.

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6 Amazing Side Effects of Intermittent Fasting.

When I started IF it was for the sole benefit of weight loss. I had 50 pounds to lose and wanted very desperately to get rid of the bulge. The only mental aspect that I focused on was feeling better about fitting into my clothes again.

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Intermittent fasting and exercise: When should I workout?

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