Month Two: Intermittent Fasting Plan for Weight Loss.


Month two of my intermittent fasting plan for weight loss is now in the books. And while the results aren’t all that impressive (again), my weight and body measurements are still trending down, so even with my limited results, I’m pretty happy with the final outcome for month two. 

What is my Intermittent Fasting Reset Plan for Weight Loss?

For those just joining, my intermittent fasting reset plan for weight loss is a plan that I’ve personally created by me for me to improve my overall health, wellness and to aid in my weight loss efforts. 

This plan is a learning tool that I use to help me better understand how my body works and what changes I need to make to live a longer, healthier, and leaner life!

Using the fast of my intermittent fasting schedule as the foundation upon which I build, I track a small set of variables each month to see how it affects my weight, my mood, and my overall well being. 

If I see a positive outcome, I’ll add that to my foundation. If the outcome was not what I had expected, I will try to determine why that outcome was negative and make small adjustments from there. 

It’s a slow process, but I’ve got plenty of time to figure it out. 

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The Recap and the Results.

Month 2 – Intermittent Fasting Plan for Weight Loss Review.

  • Dates: November 1 thru November 30, 2020
  • Starting Weight: 157
  • End Weight: 156 (10-day average)
  • Total weight lost: 1 pound
MeasurementStarting Measurements
(October 4)
October 31November 30

Expectations met?


I mean, like last month, I had high expectations (of course I wanted to lose more), but a loss is a loss, right? 

Let’s begin.

In this post, I’m going to review my…

  • 18/6 Intermittent Fasting Schedule and why I won’t stray from that IF schedule (yet).
  • daily weigh-ins and why I’m loving them!
  • weight fluctuations and what they’ve taught me.
  • body measurement update.
  • alcohol consumption and why it’s still an issue, and not just for weight loss!
  • water intake and why I needed LOTS more than I thought I did!
  • food and eating window and how one small change made a HUGE difference last month!
  • next steps for month three of my intermittent fasting reset plan.

Intermittent Fasting Schedule.

As mentioned above, I consider the fast of my intermittent fasting schedule to be the foundation for my health, wellness, and weight loss lifestyle. A successful fast sets the stage for my day each and every day. 

For me to determine if I’m on track with my intermittent fasting schedule and lifestyle, I ask myself the following three questions:

  • Am I fasting clean?
  • Am I fasting long enough?
  • Am I consistent with my fasting schedule?

If I can answer “yes” to those three questions then I know I’m standing on a good and solid foundation from which I can build upon. 

If I answer “no” to any of those questions, then I know I need to work on those issues before I can successfully proceed with any other changes to my reset plan.

Let’s see how I did.

Was I fasting clean?

The answer to that question is “yes”. I have been very consistent in this category for quite some time. Once I got the hang of black coffee, clean fasting became a breeze. 

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Were my fasts long enough?

Yes. I still think that my 18/6 intermittent fasting schedule is a good intermittent fasting schedule for me. 

While I recognize that I could potentially see better results on the scale if I lengthen my fast, or try alternate day fasting, I just don’t want to at this point. There are other options that I have available to me that I want to try first before extending my fast.

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Was I consistent with my fasting schedule?

This month? Not always. There was an eight-day period when life got stressful and the length of my fasts were compromised. 

On those days I suspect that I fasted anywhere between 14 and 16 hours each day. But, I still committed to a clean fast. So, while my fasting length was shortened, I still benefited from the fast itself due to my clean fast.

Sure, my foundation had a slight fracture for a short period, but eight days is nothing compared to the rest of my life. Once the stressful period started to subside and my brain fog started to clear, I got myself back on track with my 18/6 intermittent fasting schedule.

Looking ahead.

Looking ahead to month three of my intermittent fasting plan for weight loss I have to decide if I want to make changes to my current intermittent fasting schedule of 18/6 or leave it “as-is”.

Like last month, a few changes I could consider to help me see better results on the scale are:

  1. Add 1-2 extended fasts (24 to 36-hour fasts) to my weekly schedule.
  2. Increase the length of my daily fast in my current intermittent fasting schedule from an 18/6 intermittent fasting schedule to a solid 20/4 intermittent fasting schedule or even a 22/2 intermittent fasting schedule; or,
  3. Try alternate day fasting.

Will I make the change for month three?

Not yet.

Once again I’ve decided that I’m going to stick with my 18/6 intermittent fasting schedule. I’m just not in the right headspace to extend beyond 18 hours at this point. 

Yes, I know that I could lose more weight with a change to my schedule, but I’m resisting. I just don’t want to. If I extend my fast I want it to be for the health benefits, not to lose weight, but that’s just me.

Daily Weigh-in & Weight Fluctuations.

Ah, the daily weigh-in. I was shocked by how much I learned from the daily weigh-in in month one of my intermittent fasting reset plan, and this month I’m even more shocked that I continue to enjoy them!

What was once so stressful has turned into one of my best learning tools!

By tracking my weight daily I can see a better picture of just how my body works even if I don’t agree with its results!

For example, on November 19 I weighed-in at 155.6 and then on November 20, I was 157.6. So, in 24 hours, I gained 2 pounds? 

Come on, now! What’s up with you my body?!

I disagree!

Take a look at my numbers over the past several weeks. So many little ups and downs. But, look at my general trend. My weight is still trending down, even if it is at a snail’s pace (see graph below for a better view of my downward trend). 

intermittent fasting for weight loss

In the grand scheme of things, I consider this a positive result!

While I still can’t pinpoint the exact reason for these fluctuations I can recognize that this is how my body behaves, that this is MY normal, and that losing weight isn’t as cut and dry as many programs will have you believe. Even intermittent fasting!

Note: These little bumps would have caused so many tears in the past, but now I’m starting to see the bigger picture.

What was once a cause for distress has turned into a crazy weird and awesome learning experience.


Looking ahead.

I’m going to keep up with my daily weigh-ins using the Happy Scale App and my little worksheet for next month. I’m just getting too much information out of it! (I’m crazy, I know.)

Check out my Happy Scale graph below. While the results are only capturing two pounds, my overall weight loss trend is still going down. It just might take me a bit longer to see significant results, but the graph sure is promising!

intermittent fasting reset plan for weight loss

Side Note: If you’re interested in using the Happy Scale App I highly encourage you to check out the Help & Support section and read up on their philosophy behind the daily weigh-ins. It’s pretty interesting!

Note: If you are going to go the daily weigh-in route, make sure you’re in the right headspace for it. It can get real discouraging real fast.

Track Measurements.

So, I was hoping for more change on the measurement front, but I’m still happy with the results. While I lost inches in my waist, arm, and hips, I gained a ½ inch in my bust and thigh. 

intermittent fasting for weight loss

Note: I’m Ok with the extra cushion in the boobs (obviously), but the thigh measurement was weird. It’s possible I started measuring with my left thigh and switched to my right this month. Given I’m right-handed, it wouldn’t surprise me that my right thigh is a little bigger than my left.

Anyway, I’m pleased with the results. My overall trajectory is still trending down, so I don’t care how fast I lose.

And, if my boobs want to stay the same, I would be forever grateful. 

Looking Ahead.

I’m going to continue with my monthly measurements into month three. I think it’s important to track all of my progress even if there were no changes. 

Stay tuned for possible changes in month three!

Alcohol Consumption.

In my month one results post I had written about a theory that I had regarding my alcohol consumption and how it may be stunting my weight loss efforts. My plan for month two was to limit my alcohol consumption to see if I saw any significant changes on the scale.

The results?

Welp, unfortunately, I probably drank more martinis last month than the month before. However, when I look at my little worksheet I can see no obvious change to my weight on the days following my martinis. There was nothing that screamed, “your martinis are causing your weight to stall!”. 

Looking back, this could be because of the type of alcohol that I’m consuming (vodka and olive brine), rather than the amount I’m consuming. My drinks are not filled with sugars and carbs, so that may be a factor, but the reality is that I still need to scale back the amount I’m consuming, if not for my liver then for something else.

My sleep!

One martini a week doesn’t seem to be an issue, but if you look at my little worksheet, you will see that I had 12 martinis (and two beers) over 15 days. YIKES! After about my fourth sleepless night, I realized the problem and put my vodka away.   

I can’t be effective with no sleep.

Looking ahead.

While it doesn’t appear that the type of drink that I enjoy has any major effect on my weight loss, it does hurt my sleep patterns. And, we all know that sleep CAN contribute to weight gain.

Moving forward I am going to (again) work to limit my alcohol consumption. I’m not buying that my martinis do not affect my weight. I still think it could be a contributing factor to my weight stall. If not the alcohol itself, then the disruption that it causes to my sleep pattern.

Water Intake.

In month one I tested a little hypothesis that I had about my water consumption. In a nutshell, I didn’t think that I was drinking enough water and decided to increase my water consumption.

Was it possible I was not losing weight as fast as I could due to dehydration?

It sure didn’t seem like it when I reviewed by month one results, but I decided that I was going to continue to drink more water in month two of my reset plan, because “what can it hurt?”.

Well, about a week or so into month two of my intermittent fasting reset plan I had a thought. I thought, “ What if I’m still not drinking enough water?” 

Sure, I increased my water intake in month one, but did I increase it enough? Was I still doing myself a disservice in the hydration department?

In conclusion, the answer was that I didn’t believe I was drinking enough water and that I was still doing myself a disserve in the hydration department. The result? I decided to up the ounces.

For the remainder of the month, I decided to follow the practice of “drinking half my body weight in ounces.” 

The Results?

You guys. I think it worked! 

The increased water consumption coupled with another change that I made (see below) resulted in a loss on the scale. 

Do I think that drinking more water alone resulted in weight loss?

Probably not. No one thing makes weight loss happen, but I do think it was a positive change that resulted in a positive result on the scale!

Oh, and I feel great, too!

Moving Forward.

I will continue to drink ½ my body weight in ounces. It feels right. Moving forward, I need to start drinking earlier in the day so I’m not peeing all night!

intermittent fasting reset for weight loss

Food & Eating Window.

As mentioned in just about every post about food on this blog, I like to keep what I eat simple. I don’t track calories and I don’t focus too much on WHAT I eat. 

As an intermittent faster, my primary focus in regards to food is WHEN I eat not WHAT I eat, but when I looked back at the last several months a pattern started to emerge. A pattern that directly related to WHAT I ate.

The WHAT I ate, during the WHEN I ate part of my intermittent fasting schedule, was turning into a problem.

And, it wasn’t so much about WHAT, it was about HOW MUCH. 

The issue? I was noshing throughout my entire eating window.

While this wasn’t an issue when I first started intermittent fasting, it seemed clear that my body had adapted and some small changes needed to be made. 

For month two of my reset, I decided to very consciously follow my OMAD+ plan within my 18/6 intermittent fasting schedule and to open my window with my regular snack (almonds, cheese, salami, pickle, and dark chocolate) and then NOT eat again until my main meal, dinner.

intermittent fasting reset for weight loss

To help me to accomplish this task, I very loosely tracked my process in my little journal. 

A daily journal entry would look like this:

  • 1:00 PM – Open eating window with a snack (almonds, cheese, salami, dark chocolate)
  • 1:20 PM – 5:30 PM – don’t eat (no snacking during this time)
  • 5:30 PM – make dinner (I might have a small salad while making dinner)
  • 6:00 PM – eat dinner
  • 6:30 PM – eat dessert
  • 7:00 PM – close eating window

While the times may differ slightly from day to day, you get the idea. 

The Results.


Once I implemented this change, I immediately started trending down on the scale.

Was it the catalyst that was keeping me on my weight loss plateau all these months?

Not sure, but we will see. My results from month two are a little skewed due to that eight-day craziness, but I’m super optimistic about this month. I feel like this is the change my body needed to see better results on the scale.

Moving Forward.

Moving forward I am going to continue to open my eating window with a snack and then abstain from eating again until it’s time for dinner (my main meal). 

My food plan will continue to look like this:

  • (Snack) – almonds, cheese slices, salami, pickles, dark chocolate.
  • (Dinner) – One of my favorite easy weeknight meals.
  • (Dessert) – Slice of Pumpkin Crunch Cake with a massive scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Visit: My Favorite Recipes for all my favorite weeknight meals!

While I’m holding out hope that this month won’t be too stressful (wishful thinking?) I’m optimistic that if I stick to this change I’ll see more results when I write my update post next month.

Stay tuned!

Month Three – Intermittent Fasting Reset. 

Before I close out this post, let’s take a quick moment to very quickly recap my plans for month three of my intermittent fasting for weight loss reset plan.

Intermittent Fasting Schedule.

I plan to maintain my 18/6 intermittent fasting schedule. I will extend beyond 18 hours if I feel motivated to do so, but 18 hours of clean fasting will be my norm for the month.

Even if the process has been slow, I’m still losing weight on my 18/6 intermittent fasting plan. The key for me is to abstain from eating throughout my eating window and eat only during my snack and main meal times. 

Daily Weigh-Ins.

I plan to continue to weigh myself daily. I’m learning too much from this process.

I will continue to track my weight and other factors on my worksheet. While I still see no clear indicators that correlate to my ups and downs, I still think the worksheet is helpful.

Water Intake.

I will continue to drink ½ my body weight in ounces. The addition of those extra ounces appeared to make a difference. 

Alcohol Intake.

While I thought that my love of martinis was a clear indicator of my weight gain/stall, I’m having second thoughts. When I look at my worksheet, it’s clear there is probably no correlation between the two.

That being said, my additional martinis did affect my sleep. And, we all know that a lack of sleep CAN affect weight loss efforts. 

I’m going to do my best to reduce my alcohol intake even further this month, if not for the weight loss, then for my need to sleep!

Food & Eating Window.

This was probably my biggest ah-ha moment to date. I am going to continue to simplify my eating window by sticking to only my window opening snack and my main meal.

It became very clear that eating throughout my entire eating window has derailed my progress, so I will try to keep my eating window on a tight leash in month three and see where that gets me.

Final Thoughts.

Overall, I’m super happy with my intermittent fasting plan for weight loss results. It looks like my weight loss efforts are going to fall into the “turtle” category, but I’m cool with it. Sometimes I feel like “overnight success doesn’t equate to long-term success” so the slower I go, as long as I go, is just fine with me.

Are you intermittent fasting? I’d love to hear from you! What small steps have you taken to see positive results on the scale??

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