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About me.

For decades, I was able to keep my weight down. I was obsessed with counting calories, burning calories, and maintaining my physique. I have tried every weight loss plan (WW, South Beach, Atkins, My Fitness Pal, etc), read countless magazine articles and books about all things “health”. Workouts, food, you name it, I was obsessed with it. Back in the day I was a trained professional dancer, marathon runner and an every day gym goer. So, when I could not lose a single pound after my 50 pound weight gain, I was desperate to find something that would help take the weight off. Sadly, my old tricks did not work. All that knowledge I procured over the years provided no assistance. My weight wouldn’t budge. Soon, I was introduced to intermittent fasting. Not only did I start to lose the weight, and keep it off, I started to reap the health benefits of intermittent fasting. 

The Course.

I know the thought of “fasting” can cause anxiety for many, but with a few simple tips and tricks, you can start your fasting lifestyle with ease. It’s really not as difficult as it may seem! This 3 day short course represents all of the “what I wish I knew when I first started intermittent fasting” tips and tricks. 

Day 1 – Picking your IF schedule / Plans to manage the transition (manage the hungry) / Journal for Success 

Day 2 -Eating for Intermittent Fasting / To calorie count or not to calorie count / Recipe share

Day 3 -Expectation Setting / Managing the naysayers 

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