Favorite Things: Books

I love books. I just LOVE them! From suspense to historical fiction to sci-fi to fantasy to current events to reference books about health, fitness and longevity, I will read them all. The more information, the better! 

Below is a list of my all time favorites, my go-to reference books and my favorite book club. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Feel free to use the Table of Contents to jump to different sections on this page.

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Table of Contents

What I'm Reading Now!

The Vanishing Half, by Brit Bennett was one of my Book of the Month picks.  I just picked it up the other day, and already I’m HOOKED! 

For those of you interested in reading books curated by an all-knowing group of bookworms, check out the Book of the Month Club. They read and provide a really nice “why I love it” overview that helps you decide your pick for the month. Me? I usually want all of them, but typically opt for 1-2 months picks.  

My Favorite Books About Intermittent Fasting!

There is a solid chance that you came to my blog because of post about intermittent fasting. If you want to know what I read that got me hooked on this amazing lifestyle, look no further than the books below. When someone asks me about intermittent fasting and what to eat, these are the books I tell them to read first.

This is the book that got me 100% hooked on intermittent fasting. Understanding the misconceptions of the calories in vs. calories out model and how that model actually causes weight gain was an eye opener for me.  If you want to know why we gain weight and why WHEN we eat is key, then read this book first. 

I’m a big fan of Gin. She’s smart, funny and super down to earth. I read her first book, Delay, Don’t Deny after I read the obesity code and it changed the way I fasted. While Delay Don’t Deny is still a great resource to have around, her new book Fast Feast Repeat is more comprehensive and a great tool to have on hand for any intermittent faster.

It’s all about the gut and the diversity of  your microbiome. I loved reading this book and have a much healthier relationship with many foods that I was lead to believe are not good for me. Turns out, many foods we shun have incredible benefits and contribute to a healthy gut.  So eat your cheese and drink your milk and read this book!

Do you know what Appetite Correction is? Well, grab the book and find out! Intermittent fasting has so many health benefits, but this one is the key to stop your binge eating. This book is a super quick read, but the information in the book is incredibly valuable to anyone looking to live an intermittent fasting lifestyle. 

My Favorite Books About History & Historical Fiction!

Historical fiction. Beautiful, heartbreaking, thought-provoking historical fiction I just can’t. 

I know a book is great when it takes me days before I pick up another book and start to it. And, I am a sucker for WW II historical fiction. That time in history is so full of heartbreak and heroism, I just can’t seem to get enough. My favorite picks below include WW II historical fiction, but also include some books that deserve to be at the top of everyone’s must read list. I’ll start with my favorite book of all time, but make no mistake, the others fall VERY close behind.

I am a huge Kristen Hannah fan, but this book is not only my favorite book written by Ms. Hannah, but probably my most favorite book of all time. Set in WW II France, this book had me in all the tears at the end. So beautiful.

This is the book that started my WW II historical fiction obsession and is a very close second to my favorite book of all time. Anthony Doerr writes a beautiful story set in WW II that ends with, you guessed it, tears in my eyes. Add this one to you WW II list.

Based on a true story, Beneath a Scarlet Sky retells the story of Pino Lella. Set in WW II Italy, Mr. Sullivan tells the story of the Pino’s survival during that dangerous time. And, like all the others, I cried at the end.

This one is a slow starter, but stick with it. You will fall in love with this book. It didn’t end in the same tear filled manner as the others, but it did end with a sigh. “Ahhh…that was so lovely and so charming.” 

I told you. I’m a sucker for historical fiction and devour anything that will provide a glimpse into the life of another culture. This book was depressing yet beautiful. 

When this came out as a Book of the Month pick, I wasn’t interested, but I got it anyway and I’m so glad that I did. This was so much better than I thought it was going to be.

A ten year old boy. WW II. Schindler’s List. Need I say more? Leon Leyson recalls the story of how he got to be on the list that saved his life. 

All the siblings should be dead, but they’re not. Read the story of how they all escaped, scattered and survived the Nazis. The title holds true to the story. They really were the lucky ones.

My Favorite Books About Sci-Fi and Suspense!

I love Sci-Fi and suspense filled books. It’s the best break from reality and a really great way to follow-up those heartbreakers that I listed in the historical fiction section.

The books listed below I finished in (probably) less than 24 hours. Some are fun, some are suspenseful, but all of them kept me on my toes!

Crazy twist ending! I read this one in 24 hours. I just had to KNOW what really happened!

I know it’s crazy, but I thought this book was so creative and fun. It took a while to get used to the writing style, but once you did, it was pretty great! 

From the same author as Dark Matter, this book keeps you on your toes. I read this one in 24 hours, too.  It’s that good!

Holy cow, I was just going to write that I wish there was a follow-up to this book, and lo and behold, there is! Another quick and creative read. So fun!

My Favorite Non-Fiction Books!

Information is power, am I right? And, when I just can’t quite understand the world, current and past events, and why people make the decisions that I do, I turn to books. The books below have provided me insight into the areas of life I know nothing about, but should. These books have helped me understand the issues, have shaped my brain and how I view the world around me. 

This was the first book that I read after Trump was elected President in 2016. It was this book that helped me understand the right’s hatred for Obama and the left and why they fell in line with Trump. But it still left me wondering why they support the right given that it is their policies that will hurt them the most? Take a read and tell me what you think. I still reference this book today!

So many American stories about so many problems that Americans face. Big money, bad decisions and so many hurt. From the loss of factory jobs, to the rise of Walmart to the mortgage crisis to silicon valley to the Tea Party to Occupy Wall Street. Read personal stories about what happened, how it affected so many lives and how there is not too much we can do about it.

Another book that provides a glimpse of a life this privileged white girl never sees. Growing up in the Rust Belt, Vance is one of the lucky ones who “got out”.  This is not the first story that I’ve read about poor families who have lost everything. Factory closures and jobs that were once guaranteed,  lead to unemployment, low confidence and loss of self. The perfect equation for a toxic home life and drug addiction.

Her dad is a survivalist, burned to within an inch of his life, but he was spared by God and his wife’s essential oils. Tara Westover lived a sheltered life and knew little of what lie beyond the compound of her home, until she left  So much of this book had me like, “This can’t be real. People cannot live like this.” But, they do. I love this book and appreciate Tara’s retelling of her story.