5 Tips to Help You Drink & Enjoy Black Coffee.


“Black Coffee still sucks.” My sister sends me this text every week or so since she started intermittent fasting. And, right, that’s exactly how I felt when I first started drinking black coffee, but when I started to understand and recognize just how black coffee made me feel, that black coffee started to taste better and better every day. Let’s talk about 5 tips to help you drink black enjoy black coffee.

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Buy Dark Coffee.

For me, medium roast and lighter just didn’t do. It was too blah for me. My first cup of black coffee was DD regular blend. Uh. No. While I love me a good cup of DD, I could not drink it black. Darker is better when it comes to black coffee.

Upgrade your coffee.

Not all dark coffee is the same, and it shows. Sometimes an upgrade in the coffee you buy will make all the difference. 

I hit up the organic section of our local Giant and have been enjoying Kicking Horse, Kick Ass Dark Roast, and more recently, Mayorga, Dark Roast, Whole Bean. Both are delicious!

Add a pinch of salt.

Hear me out! Salt will take away the bitterness. When I brew my coffee with our Kuerig, I add a pinch of salt in with the coffee grounds. I’m not kidding when I tell you that it really makes a difference. I like to use Himalayan Sea Salt, but just add a pinch!

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Change your brew method/ upgrade your coffee system.

My husband bought me a Nespresso Machine for my birthday last year, and wow, is the coffee delicious! I had to send it in for repairs a few weeks ago, and while I still enjoyed my Mayorca, I missed my Nespresso.

Other methods to try include a stovetop espresso maker like the Bialetti or a Coffee Press like the Bodum

Experiment! I know how hard it is to go from your tall cup of creamy sugary goodness, but I’m telling you, it’s worth it.

Think beyond the bitter.

My sister reminds me often of how much she still hates black coffee (like, all the time). When she gets discouraged I tell her to think beyond the bitter. For example, how does the black coffee make you feel? Do you have energy? Feel good after you drink it? Do you crash? Does your appetite spike?

Think about the health benefits of drinking black coffee. I am constantly thinking about longevity and the long game. If something will aid in my health so I can benefit as I age, I’m all for it. Once you start to add those sweeteners and creamers, you lose those benefits almost entirely. 

On a personal note, there have been times when I decided to “treat” myself on the weekends to my old creamer, and honestly, after so long without, the creamer tastes gross. Not only that, it made me feel like crap. 

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Did I change your mind?

If it means anything, my sister did text me the other day letting me know that her jeans and her skinny jeans fit proclaiming “black coffee for the win”. She still doesn’t like it, but at least now she’s starting to see its benefits.

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5 tips to help you enjoy black coffee

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